The Author

Short Stories

Christopher is a 26-year-old writer and screenwriter, living on the east side of the United States. He loves heavy metal, creating stories, and spending time with his young family. He brings his characters to life in his thrilling and hooking works of fiction, full of twists and intrigue.

You can view his author profile on Goodreads or Amazon Author, and you can reach out to him with support, reviews or just to chat on Twitter or Instagram.

He plans to expand his fictional worlds through his first published book, Condition, and the many books and stories to come. With not only the zombie apocalypse but an exceptional variety of stories, including:

  • Racing
  • Gangsters
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Short Stories
  • Ghosts
  • Magic
  • And More

He appreciates anyone who supports his work, and mentions that fans and readers are the lifeblood of any author.

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